Saturday, March 31, 2012

Noel Doesn't Just Read Her Comics... She Thoroughly Enjoys Them

Noel have been modeling for as long as she can remember, but doing erotica for over a year now. Erotica is probably one of the most fun things that could have ever happened to her! She loves it all! Ever since she started, she always wanted her own site to do whatever she'd wanted, whenever she wanted... So her fans could get to know the real her. So finally after about a years worth of modeling she decided now's the time to do it. Be sure to come into the site and learn more about Noel. She has one photo or video update every Friday, and a members webcam chat every Wednesday, and a cam archive video the following Monday. Blog posts are posted randomly to inform you of what she's been up to!

Click here to see more of her!

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